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HS-12 Green Hollow-Metal, Skull Dice Set

HS-12 Green Hollow-Metal, Skull Dice Set

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Complete set of seven green (with red numbers), hollow-metal, skull dice (25 mm)

  • Oversized dice with skull design on each die face
  • Light, yet strong
  • HUGE Wind-chime sound when dice are shaken together and strike each other. Sounds like bells ringing!
  • Zinc alloy metal
  • Calibrated and spin-tested for precision and accuracy
  • Includes dragon-eye dice storage bag (can hold six-eight sets)

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Dice can be returned and exchanged up to 30 days after receiving the product.

A refund or exchange will be available once the item is returned to Sorensen’s. We require a receipt or proof of purchase for all returns and exchanges.

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