Welcome to Sorensen's Precision Diceworks!

Sorensen’s was established in 2018 with the mission to deliver the highest-quality dice sets at fair prices to the role-playing gaming community.

We offer precision-made, cast dice sets. “Precision made” means balanced dice sets with consistently random results. The dice are elite-level quality for the most discerning gamer.

Sorensen's exists to provide the perfect set of dice to meet your individualized gaming needs so you can roll with confidence. Explore our treasure trove of prized dice in a variety of breathtaking materials (e.g., metal, wood, resin), colors and styles.

We also offer the perfect accessories to accompany your prized dice collections.

If you are unsure what type of dice would be best to up your game, we can help.

We strive to provide the best, personalized customer service experience. Reach out if we can be of assistance.

Up your game with us.

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