Choosing Your Dice

We understand that selecting the perfect set of role-playing game dice is an important decision. You choose your dice but your dice also choose you. 

Sorensen’s offers a wide array of gorgeous, precision-made dice crafted in a variety of materials. As many variables are at play when deciding on the right set to invest in, selection may seem daunting or challenging—particularly if you are new to the world of gaming.

Our goal at Sorensen’s is for you to feel confident and 100-percent thrilled with your dice purchase.

To assist in selecting, this page offers short descriptions of our dice. Review each to compare and contrast to make the best and most informed decision for your role-game-playing needs.

Need additional help? Contact the Sorensen’s team for assistance.


R1-15 Rubber-Duck-Inside, Resin, D100 Die

D100 are the "Godzillas" of dice. These huge, 100-sided dice replace the need to use d10sand d%s together. These "monster-sized" dice are crafted in solid zinc alloy metal or resin. The metal D100s are very heavy. We call them "table breakers!" The resin versions are lighter, but still offer a great feel in your hand. Think big!

Dragon-Scale Metal

These bewitching dice are made from solid zinc alloy and designed with a unique, dragon-scale texture. They come in a variety of "fiery" styles and are the right set if you like the feel of larger dice in your hand as they are approximately 30-percent bigger than standard dice. Roar!

Hollow Metal

HD-04 Copper, Dragon Series, Hollow-Metal Dice Set

These fetching dice are made from zinc alloy and make a pleasant, resonant sound when rolling (like wind chimes or a tuning fork). They are light in weight, yet almost indestructible, and are available in a bevy of dazzling styles. Breathtaking!

Mini Metal

MM-01 Ancient Silver, Mini (6 MM), Mini-Dice Set

Mini-metal dice are made from solid zinc alloy and are offered in two sizes: 6 mm and 10 mm. Despite being small, the numbers on both sizes are easy to read. The 6-mm version comes in a dapper, matching pocket watch case. Like the idea of tiny dice, but not ready to take plunge to super-small dice? The 10-mm sets are perfect for you! Tiny and fierce!

Other Metal Styles

MP-02 Rainbow, Metal-Puzzle Dice Set

We offer two additional and truly unique metal dice styles crafted from solid zinc alloy. Our bullet series hits the spot if you want to make a memorable first impression. The caliber (e.g., d4, d6 and d10) is on the end of each die. Our puzzle series dice look like polyhedral, shape-interlocking puzzles, but the pieces do not come apart. In search of heavier dice? Dazzling puzzle dice are very weighty and substantial. Statement-making!

Sharp-Edged Resin

SSE-09, blue, sharp-edged, resin dice set

Sharp-edged resin dice are super light with sharp, crisp edges. They come in a huge variety of beautiful colors for the most discerning gamer. We offer traditional, liquid core and floating eyeball series and a flower series, which has real flowers preserved inside each die. Want a competitive edge? These dice are for you. Brilliant!


SI-07 Pink-Rose-Blue-and-Brown, Silicone Dice Set

Silicone dice come in a variety of vibrant color combinations. They are super fun and have a slightly spongy texture and are crafted with a matte finish. And they bounce! Delightful!

Striped Metal

SM-03 Rainbow, Striped-Metal Dice Set

These spectacular dice are crafted from solid zinc alloy. They have the same dimensions as sharp-resin dice but are made from metal. The stripes are recessed to protect their colors during use. Roll with the best! Splendid!


WD-02 Wood-Laminate, Quad-Colored (Green, Cream, Red and Black) Dice Set

These dice are crafted in either stunning natural or laminated wood. Our natural wood dice are all sustainably sourced and offer greater variation in texture and appearance. Laminated wood offers more statistically neutral rolls. Both are very light (similar to resin) and offer a totally different look, sound and feel than dice crafted from other materials. Gorgeous! 


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